Yvan Castanou

Yvan Castanou is the senior pastor of Impact Centre Chrétien (ICC), a church that brings together more than 30,000 people every Sunday in more than eighty-five local churches in the French-speaking world, and tens of thousands of people who follow its services every week on the Internet.

He is the author and producer of the well-known texts and audio CDs "Prions Ensemble", the books "Maintenant ça suffit, il faut que ça change", "Vous pensez mariage? How to make the right choice", the series "Born again to rule again", as well as the books "Neutralising Public Enemy No. 1: the Flesh", "The prayer that never fails", "How can your nappy set your life on fire? "Building a happy and lasting marriage ».

A true worshiper of God, his passion is to lead people to love God and experience the reality of His glory through times of teaching and prophetic worship. Pastor Yvan is married to Modestine and together they have four children.

My passion
" Seeing lives transformed by the Word
the Presence and Power of God. "
Yvan Castanou

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