Yvan Castanou


Building a Happy and Sustainable Marriage

Discover the 7 foundations on which a happy and lasting marriage should be built. Whether you are single, married, divorced or cohabiting, this book will reveal practical and profound principles that will help you, if you apply them, to build that happy and lasting marriage you so desire !

How can your language destroy your life?

Do you think that bad luck, bad fortune or the malice of people are responsible for the ills that plague your health, your marriage, your relationships, your professional life, in a word your existence? The origin is much deeper than that! The birth or the aggravation of problems are very often the work of a kamikaze called the tongue ! 

The prayer that never fails

The secret of Jesus' successful life on earth lay in his prayer life. Do you also want to pray so that the divine supernatural becomes your natural ?
Are you tired of praying without getting significant results? Do you long for a prayer life that prevents Satan from blocking God's promises to you? Do you want your prayers to have only one outcome: answer?
Know that this dimension is accessible and possible.

Neutralise public enemy number one: the flesh !

Your worst enemy is not a demon or a witch doctor. Your worst enemy is within you and it is called the flesh! The flesh is Satan's ally of choice, the undercover agent he uses to paralyze the maturity of God's children and ensure that they are never fit to live out their inheritance of the divine extraordinary. Through this book, you will understand that no matter how the works of the flesh envelop you, it is possible to live totally free from its passions, to walk by the Spirit so that the divine supernatural becomes your natural daily life!